What does COVID-19 cause?

Dr W Muller www.drwmuller.com 

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              15/03/2020                        ------------                       Mar 2021

COVID-19 is causing an illness we are currently calling “Coronavirus Disease”. The name is not very inventive, but it is an entirely new disease. We did not know anything about it until its first outbreak which occurred in the later months of 2019 in a Chinese city called Wuhan. The World Health Organisation [WHO] reportedly heard about it first on 31 December 2019. However, we are learning a lot about it every single day. We also know that there is was no individual person in the world who was immune to this virus. In some way we can apply some of the experience gained from other outbreaks in the past which may help with this new disease.

Here is a constantly updated web page on what we know about the “Coronavirus Disease”: