Where else can I get help from?

Dr W Muller www.drwmuller.com 

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              15/03/2020                        10/09/2020                      Mar 2021

At present we expect the pandemic to affect more and more individuals and the health care providers will do everything to help all of us.

It is expected that it will be impossible to cope with the Pandemic without the help of the public. This help is needed with our responsibility for our family and loved ones as well as our wider responsibility for our environment and direct neighbours.

You should access as much information online and from staying informed via news on television and radio. It is essential to make a careful informed decision which sources of information you trust and realise some online resources may be dangerous.

I would advise:

1)    Look up advice from Public Health England

2)    Look up advice from NHS websites

3)    Call NHS 111 if you are worried about the health of someone or yourself and if you think it is really necessary and you have not found reliable answers somewhere else

4)    Contact your GP surgery (again only access this if it is really necessary). Think about making such a phone call or visit. It will help tremendously keeping the emergency services free as much as possible but only as long as it is safe for you to do so.

5)    Explore whether a telephone clinic or telemedical appointment may be helpful and is available to you

6)    Bring children or yourself to hospital if you are worried that the symptoms are too severe to be managed by you or your family safely at home

7)    I personally would advise a child under 4 months with fever >37.8C to be brought to hospital. This is not an advice I have seen on an official websites but is my personal opinion as a Paediatrician.

8)    For symptoms which are not likely to be coronavirus related and you think they are severe enough to be checked by a doctor use your normal approach to healthcare. We have to remember that other illnesses than ‘Coronavirus Disease’ will occur just as much as before the Coronavirus pandemic. However, it is my experience that many children and adults come to see a doctor when symptoms are very mild. You have to use your knowledge and judgement to make a safe decision here. A telephone appointment may help you make this judgement.

9)    If private care is available to you check their website or call the hospital whether you child / you can be seen there?