Why telephone consultations [TC]

Questions & Answers

Why may I need TCs?

  1. Telephone consultations are a increasingly in demand.
  2. The have a very specific purpose but obviously cannot replace many face to face consultations.
  3. Video consultations are also on the increase. Modern technology enables Skype, FaceTime and many more modes of video-linking. 
  4. Traditionally the video consultations have been used for non urgent medical advice for example in dermatology.

When should I choose a telephone consultation?

  1. Urgency of an advice which does not need a face to face visit
  2. Travelling distance to an appointment
  3. Lack of mobility with small children or several children 
  4. Logistics of being in different places at a time 
  5. Avoiding waiting times for minor issues
  6. Needing advice while visiting from abroad
  7. Needing advice while abroad on holiday
  8.  Restricting infection risk during epidemics/pandemics

When not to choose a telephone consultation?

  1. When you think an urgent face-to-face review by a doctor is needed anyway

Can I pay through my insurance company?

  1. Check for pre-authorisation with your insurance company for refund - see next 
  2. You will have to pay directly after the consultation and request refund later
  3. You will get a full invoice & receipt mailed to you after payment

Which in insurance company have agreed to cover telephone consultation if you have a pre-authorisation?

  1. Most Insurance companies will pay for telephone consultations instead of a face to face consultation during the COVID-19 Pandemic - if in doubt please check with your insurance company
  2. BUPA, AXA have agreed so far

New: 01/01/2017 Last reviewed: 17/03/2020