Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

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                             INFORMATION ON LAST UPDATE

                             WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS PAGE

                             LINKS TO OFFICIAL ADVICE

                             WHAT I CAN DO TO HELP YOU:

                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

                                          What is COVID-19, Coronavirus and the Novel virus?

                                          What does COVID-19 cause?

                                          Where can I get help from?



Information on last update:

                           Page created 01/03/2020

                           Last updated: 15/03/2020


What to expect from this page?

This page has been created to provide you with
                           1) links you to official advice about Coronavirus

                           (2) information on what support I can offer to help during that time
                           (3) information where to get help in general
                           (4) Frequently asked questions [FAQ]: