What can I as Paediatrician offer to help you during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Private "Face-to-Face Clinics" have opened 

at Chase Lodge Hospital for acutely unwell children

at St John's Hospital for children without fever or cough

TESTING for COVID-19 is available

in some circumstances I will do home visits

I am offering:

(1)  Concentration on my additional support for the NHS to manage the outbreak of  Coronavirus Disease

(2)  Face to face appointments for all illnesses in the private sector:

acutely unwell children can be seen at Chase Lodge Hospital

Please note the Hospital at St John and Elizabeth, Clementine Churchill Hospital or TrustPlus does not allow children with acute respiratory illness to be brought to an outpatient setting

(3) I am offering testing for acute and previous COVID-19

(4) HOME VISITS in some circumstances

(5)  Telephone/Video consultation/Telemedical consultation and advice on  health concerns in the Private as well as NHS sector

(6)  Reduction of costs for telephone advice during COVID-19 outbreak

(7)  Provision of free telephone advice for healthcare workers at London Northwick

(8)  Immunisations for all routine and additional vaccinations in the private sector

(9)  Maintain routine appointments for health issues not related to COVID-19

Can I offer free private healthcare?


I have considered carefully what, I think, will have the biggest impact for the care of those children I do look after during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


I can see that there is currently very little provision in the private healthcare for children to deal with the illnesses caused by COVID-19. It is my firmest belief that currently the best available care for children in the UK with COVID-19 related illnesses are through the NHS.

I have therefore decided to offer extra days and nights of my time off and upcoming holiday to work for free in the NHS over the next 2 ½ months. The hours committed will be equivalent to nearly four weeks of regular daytime work.

I will also offer some of my time to provide free medical telephone advice for healthcare workers employed at London Northwest University Hospital where I work.


Currently I get calls, text, WhatsApp messages and emails for additional advice nearly 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is completely understandable, and I will do my best to support this as much as I can.


However, I have decided that it is currently no longer possible to provide additional free service in the private sector. I have reduced the rates for telephone clinics dramatically but will charge for advice given in the private sector outside the above arrangements.


Please book any of the services offered as required and according to my availability.