My entire fees can be obtained through my secretary ahead of an appointment. Please ring Zohra Patel on 07742 864100 for details.

My fees are in line with my colleagues within the area.

Standard new consultations are up to 30 minutes and vaccination appointments 10 minutes.
Standard follow up appointments are 30 minutes but 15 min follow ups can be booked on request.


New appointment:                  30 min       £250*     (£250-£300)

                                                                 over 30 min £300*       (£300-£350)

Out of hours appointment     30 min           £270*        (£270-£350)

(weekends and after 20:00)     over 30 min £330*      (£330-£400)

Follow up appointment            30 min            £240*        (200-£240)  ** STANDARD 
                                                                  15 min            £120*       (120 - £160)*
* See note below

**See note below:

Old patient new complaint:    30 min          £250*     (£250-£300)*

Vaccination consultation:         10 min           £100*   (vaccine costs are in addition and are paid directly to hospital or added to invoice)

*  The charge in blue is my standard charge for the type of consultation specified. Any other amount from within the range provided would be agreed ahead of the consultation.
Please be aware that if your consultation overruns 30 minutes because there are multiple issues addressed or additional issues added at the end of the consultation you may be charged £300.

* *    

If you like to have a 15 min follow up appointment please arrange this at least one day before the appointment.
Please be aware that requests on the day of the appointment cannot be accepted.

I am a registered provider for all national and most international insurance companies.


Please be aware that many insurance companies require a referral from your GP in order to provide you with a preauthorisation. Retrospective authorisation may be declined.

Many insurance companies offer a fee assurance program or a 'recognised consultant' scheme. This is an agreement with the providers to charge within a range, which is fully covered by your insurance policy. I have not entered such a fee assurance agreement with any of the insurance companies but my charges are in line with colleagues in my field.
Having not entered such an agreement your insurance company still pays a 'non-fee-assured' or 'non-recognised' provider unless there are specific limitations outlined in your policy.
My outpatient charges are within the range of most comprehensive schedules of payments. This may not apply for certain limited individual agreements and is not including any excesses on your policies. Up to November 2016 MediAccounts have confirmed that insurance companies have not passed on any shortfalls to my patients.

There has been no increase in my fees for new consultations in 2017.

However, I have noticed some insurance companies are increasingly offering policies with limitations to their reimbursement and a cap to the amount paid for consultations. These caps have become more noticeable and there may be a shortfall of your individual policy.

The best advice is to check with your individual insurer before a consultation if you want to be sure.

Updated: 02/02/2018

You may find a more detailed explanation of "What does fee assured mean?" on the NETDOCTOR website.

In order to focus on medical work all my billing is done by a highly trusted and compassionate firm called MediAccounts:

MediAccounts                       +44 20 3637 0038

All general enquiries can be directed to accounts@drwmuller.com or info@mediaccounts.co.uk .

You can reach MediAccounts as well directly:

Tracey Dunn               tracey@mediaccounts.co.uk

Ellie Blacher:              ellie@mediaccounts.co.uk
Martine Reuben       martine@mediaccounts.co.uk

Ellie deals mainly with my account but any of the team can assist you

Please contact MediAccounts for any queries about invoices directly.