Thank you very much for your requesting a  Telephone Clinic and accepting the conditions

Conditions for a telephone consultation:

o You agree to the terms and conditions below

o You agree to pay the fee in advance unless stated so by Dr Muller  via PayPal

o PayPal refunds may be subject to fees from PayPal

o You have provided me with a brief summary why you are contacting me: name of child, age and problem and your address

o  By converting to a video consultation you automatically give consent to do so via the chosen method of sharing  

o You do understand that the advice at the end of the consultation may well be that your child  needs to be seen as an emergency

o If you are a new patient you need to book a 30 minute appointment

o If you are going through insurance the appointment will be charged as 15 , 30 or over 30 min appointment

o You have agreed that the consultation appointments are in allocated in 5, 10, 15, 30 and over 30 minutes slots

o The consultation may not take the full amount of time but you will be charged the rate for the entire duration

o You confirm your consultation is genuine and due to a true medical nature and not for promotional or business purposes - no refund will be provided if this is violated